Collaboration concept in word tag cloudIn order to facilitate a robust discussion within the 90-day timeline specified, the following subcommittees will convene. The bullets below are intended to be starters for discussion.

Subcommittees work is high level dialogue that will stimulate conversations around transforming learning environments while leveraging technology.


  • Subcommittees to frame the dialogue around vision, opportunities and challenges
  • Keep the dialogue to ideas (not products)
  • Disruptive ideas are ok!
  • Use Google Docs to share committee work
  • Check now for all information as all meeting work and output will be posted for sharing and collaboration
  • Please have at least one co-chair with Google Doc access (you will need a gmail account)
  • Dial in or WebEx for all that can not physically attend meetings


BROADBAND: Home, school, community and city – wired and wireless

  • Wired and Wireless (4g, wi-fi,)
  • Access and equity for all students
  • School / Home / Community / City
  • Affordability / High Speed

Link to Broadband Committee Framework

Co-Chairs | Broadband:
Jeremy Recktenwald |
SDUSD, Systems Coordinator

Bruce Braciszewski |
Classroom of the Future, Executive Director

CURRICULUM & PD: Migration from textbooks to web based curriculum | assessment. Professional development to support 21c learning. Staff and student digital and global literacy skills.

  • Web based curriculum & assessment / textbooks
  • Access & equity for all students
  • Leveraging technology to pace & personalize learning
  • Professional Development – 21c learning & digital literacy
  • Physical, Virtual and Blended Learning Environments
  • Outcomes and Expectations

Link to Curriculum & PD Committee Framework

Co-Chairs | Curriculum & PD
Mary Lange |
SDUSD, Ed Tech Program Manager

Rich Thome |
USD, Director, ELDA

DIGITAL POLICY & TOOLS: Policies and tools to best support 21c learning environments? Hardware, software, applications, from factor, support and policy changes to support 21c learning.

  • Mobility – always on learning
  • Access and equity
  • Devices & Form Factor / District supplied & Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Digital Use Policies
  • Digital Literacy – Admin / Teacher / Leadership

Link to Digital Tools & Policy Committee Framework

Co-Chairs | Digital Tools & Policy
Barbara Allen |
SDUSD, Chief Information & Technology Officer

Darrell Stewart |
Intel, Public Sector Programs Manager

FACILITIES: Future design of schools to create and support 21c learning environments, design, layout.

  • Design Principles of Schools of the future
  • New Schools versus Renovation Costs
  • Integration of 21c learning tools and delivery into design

Link to Facilities Committee Framework

Co-Chairs | Facilites
Lee Dulgeroff |
SDUSD, Executive Director Facilites Planning

Kate Mraw |
LPA Inc., Associate Architect

FINANCE: Sustainability cost of 21c learning environments, digital tools and support. Informational analytics to make decisions to support teaching and learning to maximize resources and enhance outcomes.

  • Cost metrics per student to sustain 21c Learning Environments
  • Devices / Support / Curriculum / Assessment
  • Informational Analytics

Link to Finance Committee Framework

Co-Chairs | Finance
Ami Shackelford |
SDUSD, Director, Budget Development

Peter Sibley |

INFRASTRUCTURE: Network, Bandwidth, Centralized vs. Cloud, Digitization, Organization, Automation of processes, procedures, procurement process, SIS, etc.

  • Requirements to support digital environment | Centralized versus cloud
  • Enterprise information systems & infrastructure (finance, HR, SIS, BI)
  • Data Warehouse / Software Capabilities
  • Infrastructure – District and Schools LAN & WAN
  • Always on access – remote access
  • Supporting 21c Learning Environments – Centralized vs. School Site

Link to Infrastructure Committee Framework

Co-Chairs | Infrastructure
Toren Allen |
SDUSD, Director Applications ITSS

Matt Spathas |
Managing Principal, SENTRE Partners

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