SDUSD Takes Action on i21 Now Recommendations

In February 2014, SDUSD Board of Education (BOE) asked Superintendent Cindy Marten to form a 90-day task force, called the i21Now Committee, to develop a high-level framework of vision, opportunities, and recommendations that would build on the strengths of our nationally recognized i21 program and support our Vision 2020 long-term plan for today’s learner and tomorrow’s worker and global citizen. The i21Now initiative represents the next phase of funding under Propositions S and Z, which support repairs, renovations, classroom technologies, safety and security upgrades, and more. See i21 Now Purpose and Scope.

In May of 2014 i21 Now completed its work and submitted to SDUSD and the BOE its final report and recommendations.  Based on this  work, SDUSD and the BOE approved as a roadmap strategy in December of 2014 to continue to develop and support next generation learning environments. Key foundational pillars include Broadband, Curriculum & PD, Digital Tools & Policy, Facilities, Finance and Infrastructure.

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