i21 Now Subcommittee’s Present Final Report Outs

IMAGE_1443The 70 member i21 Now Committee held its final meeting at e3 Civic High March 19, 2014. This concluded a 90 day i21 Now process where committee members were tasked with formulating ideas and an unconstrained vision around next generation learning environments and delivery.

The i21 Now Committee consisted of SDUSD staff, Business, Higher Education, Non Profit and Community and invested over 1,000 hours of collective time during the process. The committee was challenged to vision next generation learning delivery and environments as part of the next wave of Prop S and Prop Z funding strategy.  To do this work, six foundational subcommittees were formed to explore strategies and next steps of the i21 initiative. These committees include Broadband, Curriculum & Professional Development, Digital Policy & Tools, Facilities, Finance and Infrastructure. 

To view these final reports see below:

In addition, please see the the i21 Now draft Today’s Learner Statement

Over the next 30 days the work of the i21 Now Committee will be summarized with recommendations for next step and presented to staff and board of education. A big thank you to all i21 Now Committee Members for their tireless efforts and visionary contribution to public education.

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