San Diego Unified School District Launches i21 Committee

photo (8)PURPOSE & SCOPE
The Board of Education (BOE) has requested that the Superintendent form a 90-day task force Committee (i21 Now) comprised of key stakeholders including staff, business, education and government. The work work of this group is to focus on producing a high level framework of vision and opportunities and recommendation that build on the strengths of our current, nationally recognized i21 next generation learning and support SDUSD’s Vision 2020 goals. This committee will share ideas and initiatives which support the BOE Vision 2020 goals to provide access to technology, enhance classroom instruction, and develop digital literacy skills to engage, educate and empower students, teachers, and parents. San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Cindy Marten has appointed Matt Spathas as the Chair the i21 Now Committee.

Using the original i21 program as a launch basis, the i21 Now Committee will collaborate in a wide range of new ideas to envision the next phase of i21. The committee will make high-level recommendations for further consideration by the Board in support of designing an efficient, cost effective program with core principles of equity, access, and student achievement. The i21 Now committee will incorporate student, teacher, and administrator feedback to the greatest extent possible throughout the process.

In order to facilitate a robust discussion within the 90-day timeline specified, the following subcommittees will convene. The Subcommittees listed below have been formed  and will be co-chaired by by one SDUSD staff member and one community (business/government/education) member.

  • Broadband
  • Curriculum & PD
  • Digital Tools & Policy
  • Facilities
  • Finance
  • Infrastructure

See  i21 Now Committees for more information.

One response to “San Diego Unified School District Launches i21 Committee

  1. Dear i21 committee,
    I am excited that a full evaluation of all aspects of i21 are being thoroughly investigated. I have no issue with the implementation of i21 at my neighborhood elementary school. The i21 technology has been installed ahead of scheduleand has been fully integrated into the curriculum.

    Unfortunately, my son’s middle school has been seriously lacking in i21 implementation. In my son’s experience, some teachers use the Promethian boards, but few actually use the personal devices. Some teachers are so resistant to the use of technology that permission slips to even allow my son to use the personal devices have not come home and it is January already. This year, my son only has access to personal devices in Spanish and Math. He has no access in his history or English class. It is also frustrating that many middle schools assign personal devices to students that they can use outside of school, but my child and many others do not have access. I don’t think sites should have the discretion as to whether or not they provide access to students. This contributes to inequity in the district. Access should be uniform across the district. After all the failure to provide access to 21st century technology holds back students. This is never acceptable.

    Thank you for your time.

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